Sanitize. Accessorize. Exercise.

The story of STRAPILATES Pilates straps goes all the way back to my childhood. My mother is a Virgo and she is the "Queen of Clean!" If anyone in the house was sick, she put every single towel in the laundry and disinfected anything that was touched. I always thought she was so dramatic, but fast forward a couple decades and I have turned into my mother.

Clients would come in sick and I found myself stripping the pilates machines of their straps and replacing them with fresh ones. After one busy week during cold & flu season, I thought it would be a great idea if clients had their own straps. I did some research and found that to be quite expensive and decided to find a way to get my clients their own straps that were affordable. So, I made my own and I added some fun colors and designs while I was at it. Now you can get your own hygienic and fashion forward straps and you will never have to worry about germs again!

If you are a Virgo, like my mother, drop me a line and I just might send you a little surprise! 

Be Fashionable. Be Fabulous. Be Healthy.

Jaime Rutt